Lifestyle Assessment Survey

Keeping tabs on your success

You know you want to achieve total health and wellness. But are you ready to change your lifestyle to reach your goals? Your first step should be getting a better picture of your current lifestyle.

Take the Lifestyle Assessment Survey

You may want to print the results and share them with your doctor. Together, you’ll be able to discuss what steps toward a healthier lifestyle you should take next.

Score 1 point for each time you answer yes.62

1. I do not currently smoke cigarettes/cigars or use any tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco.  

Wellness Tip: If you smoke or use tobacco products, ask your doctor about a smoking cessation program.

2. I have regular cholesterol screenings done and have normal results or levels.  

Wellness Tip: Have your cholesterol and hs-CRP measured annually and discuss your results with your doctor.

3. I have my blood pressure checked regularly and have normal pressure.  

Wellness Tip: Monitor your blood pressure regularly. Normal is less than 120/80 mm Hg.

4. I have a normal blood glucose level and have not been diagnosed with diabetes.  

Wellness Tip: Ask your doctor what steps you can take to control your blood glucose level if it is high and/or you have diabetes.

5. I have a normal (vs overweight or obese) waist circumference.  

Wellness Tip: Track your weight-loss progress by regularly measuring your waist circumference instead of relying on the scale alone.

6. I do not currently have depression, a high level of stress, or other mental health issues.  

Wellness Tip: If you find yourself feeling depressed or extremely stressed for long periods of time, talk to your doctor. Depression and anxiety can be medical conditions that can get in the way of living a healthy lifestyle.

7. I eat several servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  

Wellness Tip: Consume several servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

8. I drink alcohol in moderation (1–2 drinks per day) or not at all.  

Wellness Tip: Limit your alcohol intake to 2 drinks a day.

9. I perform an average of at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity per day.  

Wellness Tip: Pick aerobic exercises you enjoy and perform them regularly to maintain a healthy weight.

10. I lift weights or perform some type of resistance exercise at least 2–3 times per week.  

Wellness Tip: Start slow! Exercising beyond your capacity can result in injury and suppression of your immune system.

Your total score:

What Does Your Score Mean?62
Your Score What Your Score Says About Your Current Lifestyle
10 points Congratulations!
7–9 points Very good! Keep up the good work. 10 points is within your reach.
4–6 points Good! However, you still have room to improve.
1–3 points It’s a start! You need to make some major lifestyle changes very soon.
0 points The only way is up! Get started now!